This website contains a selection of my work from the very first pieces to the most recent. I call them Flexible Light Installations. They depict symmetric transformations of fast moving action, landscapes and even portraits, as seen and experienced both directly and through reflections of the subject’s surroundings. I begin with pigment sprayed on multiple levels, first on canvas mounted on panel and then again on layers of polymer resin, which throw tints and shadows on the layers below. This assures a greater depth of field and constantly changing variety of colors otherwise impossible with just paint on flat canvas alone. The result is not a static painting, but rather a work of continually shifting optics that interact not only with the canvas below, but also with the reflections of light, movement and obscuring forms in the surrounding environment. Like the content of my work, the interpretations and processes are constantly changing, evolving into a journey for the artist that is as significant as the work itself.

MICHEL TABORI - Venice, California


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